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The postpartum time can be filled with joy, awe, and empowerment as you get to know your new baby. It can also come with confusion and exhaustion. Stack the cards in your favor by encapsulation your baby's placenta! A recent survey of birthing parents who consumed their placentas noted that 40% reported increased mood, 26% felt an increase in energy, 15% had improved lactation, and 11% noticed it helped alleviate postpartum bleeding. Encapsulating the placenta can replenish important nutrients, such as iron and Vitamin B complex, as well as offer prolactin which can help with milk production.
I prepare placentas according to the Traditional Method, in that they are steamed to 160F before slowly dehydrating for 10-12 hours. The steaming part helps to make the desired nutrients more bioavailable, or easy to digest and absorb. The steaming also ensures that bacteria are killed prior to dehydration, which helps keep your pills safe and fresh for longer. Placenta tinctures are made from adding a small piece of placenta to a high proof alcohol, which can offer a life time of benefits.
Having been trained through the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, you can be confident that I will handle your placenta respectfully and with care. Your placenta will be the only one I process at a time, which means yours cannot be confused with someone else's. Because I keep my equipment and tool scrupulously cleaned and sanitized, you can be sure there is no chance of cross contamination of any kind.
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