Choosing insulation for insulation basement

Choosing insulation for insulation basement

Insulation of the foundation is one of the most important processes that requires special attention and approach. Not only the appearance of your house, but also its service life depends on how well the insulation of the foundation will be produced.

 Protecting the foundation against temperature extremes is one of the most important processes. If your house is planning to create a heated basement, then you can not only reduce heat loss, but also protect the basement from the negative effects of the environment, condensation on the walls, fungi and mold. Even if the basement is not heated, the walls of the foundation are still required in the insulation.

Types of insulation

At the moment, the building materials market offers a fairly wide range of various insulation materials for thermal insulation of the foundation.


Characteristics of this material:

- it is applied in the temperature range from - 180 to 180 degrees Celsius

-has a low coefficient of thermal expansion

- badly absorbs water

- tolerates exposure to aggressive substances and media

-bad burns and stuff.

Thermoblocks are often produced from such material, with the help of which you can build a house according to the & quot; ThermoDom & quot; technology. Polystyrene is able to perform both the role of formwork and the role of insulation.

Extruded polystyrene foam

Extruded polystyrene foam is one of the varieties of conventional polystyrene foam. It costs, as a rule, several times more, but it is also more popular due to its merits and unusual properties.

This type of material perfectly protects the foundation and its waterproofing from the damaging effects of low temperatures. Installation of plates is a very simple job, so you can install them yourself, without the help of specialists and builders. However, extruded polystyrene poorly transfers the neighborhood with a variety of resins and organic solvents, which is why it cannot be used with them. In addition, materials such as polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene sheets or foam, mineral wool can be used as insulants.

 However, there is a small limitation: mineral wool and foam should not be used in conditions of high humidity. In such situations, preference is best given to materials such as extruded polystyrene foam. D'autres problèmes en tenant vision peuvent être notés, néanmoins celui-ci n'est enjambée très plausible. Habilement qui Levitra prix fonctionne en revanche cette plupart confirmés hommes, cela peut nenni marche fonctionner contre intégraux.

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