Battle Command!: Overview friv game

Battle Command!: Overview friv game

Known for its three-dimensional MMO-games studio Spacetime Studios enters a new arena for themselves, presenting the Battle Command strategy ! Before us is a futuristic version of Clash of Clans with wars in a somewhat unusual environment and with new resources. Another clone? Rather yes than no. However, it looks much better and delays the gameplay much stronger than the original. This is probably the merit of the authors, who took into account the needs of current fans of the genre. Classic tasks with the construction of bases and military installations are mixed with the conquest of the whole world, raider attacks and modernization of their possessions.

At our disposal are several tools for the construction of various buildings. Some of them are responsible for the extraction of resources, others for the training of soldiers and the production of vehicles, others to design airplanes and “pump” defense around the base perimeter. In pursuit of superiority over rivals, it is necessary to destroy potentially dangerous outposts. During the attack, each fighter and armored car accumulate their own experience. Specializing in various aspects of military capture, we place well-protected "units" on the fronts, long-range units in the rear, and quick units on the flanks to bypass enemy formations. Play the best web site site friv games at The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.

Successful raiding largely depends on the skillful tactics of the player. Victory is counted in the complete destruction of the enemy. In the Skirmish mode, we must save as many of our fighters as possible. True, it all resembles Clash of Clans. With the difference that Battle Command! with similar mechanics, it is completely dedicated to wars with robots, lasers and protective fields instead of barbarians and sword battles.

In War Games mode, the player must attack his base with his own soldiers. What a twist! Take and defeat a perfectly built system of irresistible protection. Nice call, right? A wonderful way to test your outposts for strength. In addition, in this mode, you can practice in offensive and defensive tactics - after all, all the flaws of our fortress from this angle can be seen with the naked eye. To fight with yourself does not require in-game currency crystals.

Premium currency in Battle Command!occupies an important place. At first glance, a huge starting set of crystals should be enough for at least half the game. But you only have time to carry out basic engineering improvements of the outpost, as further the reserves are empty, and difficulties begin. Without the purchase of crystals, everything becomes unbearably durable. Each action takes too much time. Moreover, the situation is not saved by “upgrades” to accelerate the extraction, production and increase in the capacity of warehouse buildings. Without the “Donat”, you will have to accept the long expectation of new resources for subsequent progress.

Given such difficult resource extraction, each raider move beyond its base is fraught with large losses and a new long wait for recuperation. And the enemy can attack from the outside and constantly weaken our defense, the repair of which costs the same crystals and, of course, time. All would be nothing if the motivation of the new raider attacks was obvious. With a very mediocre graphics and clumsy animation Battle Command! over time, it does not pose interesting problems, and the number of blocked buildings is not as large as in the same Clash of Clans.

The brainchild of Spacetime Studios is worth paying attention to the fans of Clash of Clans , who are fed up with the subject of antediluvian times. Otherwise, the brilliance of the chassis of the robots will not be able to overshadow the gameplay, fully tied to cash infusions and an unbearably long recovery of troops after the attacks.

Pros: the subject of future wars; neat design and easy-to-learn gameplay; the mode of destruction of its own base; A large stock of premium currency at the start.

Cons: too long waiting for the hiring of "units" and resource extraction; high costs of restoring the army after raider attacks; with the exception of the new mode, ideas are entirely borrowed from a competitor.

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