Waves of life number 2

Waves of life number 2

Much has written about the waves of life of the original naturalist D. A. Sobolev. He also owns one of the first sketches of these waves, relating to the alternation in the geological history of periods of flowering and extinction of individual classes of animals. B. L. Lichkov supplemented this scheme, inflicting on it the epochs of the most active movements of the earth's crust and noting the correlation of these epochs with the waves of life.

According to B. L. Lichkov, a similar connection is associated with cosmic influences on the Earth, in particular, the rotation of the Solar system around the center of our Galaxy and the alternate entry of the Earth into space with different intensity of gravitational fields. Under the influence of these fields, the activity of the earth's crust is activated or attenuated. Now a lot of information has been accumulated about the fate of individual classes, types and orders of plants and animals. It is possible to compare the many waves of life. The company is very tempting. In case of success, the basic properties of the waves of life will be revealed: the period of oscillation, the number of ridges and troughs, the steepness, amplitude, synchronism and asynchrony. One of the main mysteries of evolution may become clear: what caused the geological rhythms of life? By the properties of living beings themselves (heredity, variability and manifestation of these properties in biocenoses, during the interaction of organisms) or by changes in geological conditions? What is more important - the “internal” properties of life or the pressure of the external environment? Or are they equivalent?

Or maybe their value changed over time? And how are the waves of life connected with the history of the biosphere and with other geological events?

In search of cosmic and tectonic connections of life, many geologists searched for and found rhythms of basic tectonic movements, correlation of land and sea, salt and coal accumulation, general seas regressions, volcanic activity. However, at present, many reputable scientists argue that the main tectonic stages were not simultaneous on Earth, but, as it were, rolled in waves from the centers (cores) of continents to the outskirts, being distributed more or less evenly in the history of the planet's surface. However, all the same, periods of predominance (say, in the form of random coincidence) of orogenic processes or some of them are very probable in the history of the Earth. But even in the event that the stages of orogenesis in general for the Earth were constantly and approximately with the same intensity, this does not at all prove the uniformity of the evolution of the planet's surface. First, as it is known, the main supplier of energy for the atmosphere, hydrosphere and surface of the lithosphere is the sun's rays. Rhythmic fluctuations of solar activity (in a limited wavelength range) - ten-year and century-old - are found. Here we take a look at some of the best interior design companies in Dubai . A global interior design company led by pioneers in creativity, Luxury Antonovich Design have been behind some of Dubai's most impressive buildings.

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