Prince of Persia Classic: Overview Kizi Game

Prince of Persia Classic: Overview Kizi Game

One of the most hardcore entertainment for the Nintendo Entertainment System is considered Prince of Persia 1989. This difficult-to-play platformer with various levels and challenging puzzles attracted our attention with extraordinary puzzles and good graphics for those measures. Pass to the end of "Prince of Persia" then it was considered the highest achievement among friends. The company Ubisoft has created a remake of the cult game, which is absorbed and slightly adjusted the basic ideas of Jordan Mechner (Jordan Mechner), the original creator. Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games today and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

The resulting project of Prince of Persia Classic for mobile devices still tells the story of two lovers, subjects of ancient Persia. Their fate was separated by the villain Vizier Jafar, hoping to marry the beauty of the princess. Of course, he sent his rival Prince to the dungeons of a huge castle. The player will have to pull the protagonist from the dungeon, taking advantage of their ingenuity and perseverance, because this thing, frankly, is not at all easy. The main villain sat down in one of the towers, setting numerous traps and guards on the approaches to his monastery. Only by getting to him can we save the princess. Logical puzzles, obstacles, the game for a while - all this is preserved in its original form.

The key changes were mainly visual support. The famous young eight-bit prince has now received the face of a seasoned warrior from the game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time . The gameplay is built on the coordinated management of running, jumping and so on. They even provided us with edged weapons, with the help of which we get rid of the guards and "bosses", while having the opportunity to also parry the attacks of enemies. Having missed an opponent or having collapsed from a great height, we will lose part of the line of life. With the help of vials it is filled.

In Prince of Persia ClassicThe developers decided to simplify the search for an exit through a small hint in the form of a butterfly, which attracts the player with a bright glow in the right direction. It even provides a level map. But this is by no means "rendering" the classics. Hardcore fans will surely appreciate the extra Survival mode, where life is worth its weight in gold, there are no checkpoints, and the time is compressed to minutes. However, if there is a desire to sweat, but at the same time not to fall into a deep depression from their own helplessness, the authors propose to go through the game in Time Attack mode, where a time limit of up to one hour per level is introduced.

It would seem that the creators did not forget to improve anything in the Prince of Persia Classic. However, from the very beginning you are confronted with disobedient management. Since there are countless obstacles in locations where you need to grab or jump in time, it was most important to provide clear and verified responsiveness. And here the game makes for a long time getting used to the flaws of tap-elements unfriendly to pressing. They should add sensitivity, so that the hero rarely went into the abyss because of a fatal accident.

The return of the good old Prince of Persia by the hands of the masters from Ubisoft will certainly be appreciated by those players who are familiar with the original. They will no longer see cruel scenes with the prince falling on thorns, perhaps they will scold a number of simplifications, but at the same time they will gladly once again save the princess from the clutches of Jafar against the background of updated backdrops and beautiful eastern music. But for the rest of the players inconvenient control and dubious hardcore elements may be unacceptable drawbacks.

Pros: another successful revival of the classics; good graphics and music; saved hardcore modes of passage.
Cons: characteristic for the original cruel scenes were cut; management lacks sensitivity.

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