Thrash Wedding

Thrash Wedding

The mood today is thrash. But I want to turn this mood "upside down" and turn it into something positive. That is why today we want to tell you about a thrash-style wedding. She will surely like natural freedom-loving people who want to break traditions and declare their extravagance to everyone around.

“Garbage wedding” (and “trash” in English means precisely “garbage”) does not mean at all that the bride and groom should celebrate their solemn event in the garbage. Today, weddings in this style are celebrated even by those who buy expensive engagement rings. The celebration in this style challenges the traditions, in the figurative sense of the word sends them to the trash. Therefore, those who are protesting against traditional weddings, may well use just such a style.

What do you need for a “junk wedding”? Of course, first of all it is the right place. A fancy banquet room will not suit you, you need to look for a beautiful industrial zone, ruins or a building decorated with graffiti. Do not decorate the found place with traditional flowers and balls. It is better to come up with original decorations from branches, yellowed leaves, scraps of colored paper and candles. Forged lights and real torches will look great. Just do not make a fire!

There are no special requirements for the menu, but the table setting may be original. For example, newspaper spreads are used instead of tablecloths; some guests can be offered to drink drinks directly from the bottles. If you still want to lay the tablecloths on the tables, then stain the fabric with acrylic paints. We will not advise you to put disposable plastic dishes on the table. It is better to buy cardboard plates.

Wedding dresses should match the image of the wedding. These can be artistically torn or cut things, costumes painted with paints or “stained” with dog tracks. Entertainment guests can offer the same style. Usually at such weddings there are fights with food, after which everyone goes to bathe right in clothes. Also, a thrash-style wedding can entertain guests with a fiery show, ragging contests, shooting bottles, jumping over a fire, playing football with an empty tin can. Just do not forget to carefully collect and dispose of all the garbage, let's not forget about Nature even during the holidays. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

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