Gyakuten saiban 5: Overview Friv Game

Gyakuten saiban 5: Overview Friv Game

If you are asked to name the most famous detectives, who immediately comes to mind? Without any doubt, we can predict the answer: Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Colombo ... And only very few residents of the CIS countries mentioned Phoenix Wright - the main character of the original and fascinating series of games about detective investigations and court hearings. During its twelve years of existence, the project has rolled through many Japanese mobile consoles. The new release of the series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies , released on Nintendo 3DS, provides an excellent chance to get to know another deduction genius in the gaming world.

Phoenix Wright is not exactly a detective: he is officially engaged in advocacy. Each of the parts of the series structurally reproduced the same scenario: a certain character is accused of not committing a crime, after which Wright, as a result of a long investigation, search for evidence and legal proceedings, proves the defendant's innocence, while revealing the real villain. Sometimes another character acted as a protagonist, one way or another connected with Phoenix. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

Dual destiniescontinues the storyline of the series. Phoenix Wright, who had previously been barred from advocating for forging evidence, returns to the ranks and establishes his own agency. Its members, in addition to the guru himself, are Apollo Justice, who is familiar from the previous installments, and the completely green Athena Sykes - a girl who has barely graduated from the Academy. This time we will be able to feel ourselves in the shoes of each of the characters - the plot consists of several episodes, each of which is a separate matter.

Creating decent gameplay for a project that simulates investigative activity is quite difficult. Ideally, one would have to consider an infinite number of possible options; otherwise, the user would find himself in a situation of “tugging” by the developers of various steps. In this case, the possibility of self-shining wonders of deduction would disappear.

Phoenix Wright does not bother with creating illusions, relying on an ornate story with an interesting intrigue and fascinating presentation, which naturally, like a good detective film, awakens the imagination and activates mental activity. The gameplay here is greatly simplified even in comparison with the previous parts.

However, gamingThe process can only be called a stretch. The fact is that 99 percent of the time we will be engaged in ... reading. All information about events is transmitted through a huge number of dialogues and fun, but repetitive pictures. From five to ten animations are prepared for all characters, each of which exaggeratedly illustrates one or another emotion.

In general, the local gameplay looks like this: a character appears on the screen, under it is his cue. We read it, press the skip button, after which a new figure appears, below it - another phrase; and so on. Heroes replace each other, amusing us with exaggerated images and good-quality dialogues, but at first you feel some discomfort at the sight of such a simple presentation.

Of course, sometimes we are given the chance to participate more actively in the work. This primarily concerns the work with the evidence. Such episodes look like classic quests with a first-person view: we find ourselves in a room and click on the interior in search of the desired point. After choosing the right game again goes into the "book" mode, in which the actors for a long time discuss the value of our find.

The second part of the gameplay is the court session itself. Here the dialogues between the characters are interrupted so that the hero can point to evidence contrary to the words of the witness. Finding inconsistencies in the testimony - the only thing that can justify the defendant. Non-negotiating heroes are also calculated using the special abilities of our lawyers. For example, Apollo Justice has a bracelet - a kind of polygraph, thanks to which we can notice how the witness twitches his fingers or runs around his eyes.

If we incorrectly point out the evidence or draw the wrong conclusion from the words of the witness, the judge will give us a reprimand, because of which the green bar of “life” will be reduced. A few mistakes will lead to early termination of the meeting and conviction. Therefore, you need to very carefully get acquainted with the materials of the case - this is precisely the beauty of Phoenix Wright .

Yes, the Dual Destinies gameplay may seem extremely primitive. Nevertheless, we are waiting for a certain level of interactivity from the game, and there is a little bit of disgrace here. Even in the event of a defeat, we will get a chance to replay the episode and, as a result of a mechanical search of possible actions, point to the necessary evidence.

But despite all his passivity towards the user, Phoenix Wright manages to achieve the main goal: absorb the viewer, make him imbued with every phrase of the characters, build his own guesses about the identity of the criminal, and not wait until the story itself gives all the answers. This is possible thanks to an excellent scenario, bright characters and, most importantly, the logical plausibility of both the behavior of the offender and the progress of the investigation.

Phoenix Wright is particularly entertaining: not as a game, but as an illustrated detective book, sometimes satisfying the reader’s attentiveness test. Therefore, it is possible to look at the struggle of minds unfolding in the courtroom for a very long time until one of the parties has any trump cards, and even the most acute thought cannot save the situation.

Sensations of artificiality or artificiality of one or other conclusions will not arise. Yes, sometimes from the courtroom breathes a certain naivety: a criminal with a kite on his shoulder acts as a prosecutor, and a girl in a cardboard box gives testimony. However, colorful characters only give charm to the project. The quality of drawing is at such a level that you look at the same pictures with great pleasure.

In general, the style of storytelling in the games of the series is at the height. It doesn't matter if you love anime or not: you quickly forget about big eyes and streams of sweat in moments of uncertainty. The course of the court hearings and the behavior of the heroes on them create an excellent dramatic aftertaste. They fight for victory, often forgetting about the formalities and becoming personal, on both sides there are constantly heard juicy “objec- tion!”, The music corresponds to what is happening.

There are also moments characteristic of the detective genre, when, it would seem, the defense is completely disarmed, but at the last moment an unexpected thought dawns on a lawyer, and he inspiredly turns the whole picture upside down. After that, a minute of silence comes in the courtroom, and the viewer nervously tries to digest what he heard. The plot is replete with sudden turns and is crowned with an unexpected denouement.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies definitely will not disappoint fans. The next part is made in the best traditions of the genre: there are colorful characters, witty dialogues and a great plot. Only now you can feel the charm of the series only if two conditions are met: firstly, you need to be proficient in English, and secondly, you must really love good detective stories.

Pros: unexpected scenario moves; bright heroes; interesting dialogue.
Cons: the monotony and simplicity of the gameplay.

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