Bring summer freshness to your home interior.

Bring summer freshness to your home interior.

Refreshing the interior of the house is one of the main things that you need to do with spring cleaning. Create a pleasant environment that will make you feel good without requiring a complete upgrade. Add various decorations, change the accents and color of the walls! Optimize your small space and keep yourself comfortable.

Bet on airy colors and beautiful accessories

The light colors of the walls, airy details and furniture keep the room fresh and spacious in the hot summer. Small changes and iridescent shades are all that you need for the rooms of the house. Slide the furniture and create free space in the room. Place accessories that are suitable for decoration, such as a glass candlestick, striped decorative pillows, and a spring tablecloth. Take your favorite flowers and place them in an elegant vase! Plants bring freshness and charge with positive emotions. A cozy atmosphere is created with attention, thanks to which the dark house turns into a beautiful place that brings a soothing summer feeling.
Cool nights

If you want to bring the sea breeze home, bet on the blue color in the interior. In addition to being soothing, it recalls pleasant beach memories. Paint the room in elegant colors, hang pictures with seascapes on the wall and decorate with shells. Straw lamps - this tricky solution will add a sense of the sea coast. Bet on light and natural linen fabrics that create comfort and a pleasant feeling. They are also suitable for bedding, which you can include as part of your interior solutions. Choose a blanket with beach motifs, orange hues or a simple look.

Decorate pots and place tall indoor plants

Use tall indoor plants or dense bright blinds to prevent strong sunlight from entering the room and make it more pleasant. Summer portends fun outdoors. Turn a boring living space into a beautiful summer home. The truth is you don't need cluttered parts. You must be creative and use your favorite subjects. Place large palm plants in the living room and bedroom. Let your focus be pots - dip them in fine sea sand or paint them blue and white. The main thing is not to overdo it with the details. This can lead to confusion and ruin the entire interior. Add neutrality and create your own creative picture.

Bring cool to your home with the right fan

The best solution to protect against heat in summer is air conditioning - an easy and quick way to avoid stuffy and unbearable warm weather. We think that, in addition to the pros, it hides a lot of minuses. Air conditioning dries the air and affects the eyes. The bad effect is also due to a sharp transition from warm to cold - this negatively affects the body. An alternative is a fan. It can move to any room and complement the interior in different ways. Yes, it’s true that it will not be so effective, but is it not summer? How else do we feel the hot air on our skin.

Icy freshness

There is nothing more pleasant than a cold drink on a hot day. We all know that making and drinking your favorite cup of coffee is a whole art. To make everything perfect, decorate the terrace in your favorite way. Refresh the interior with a patterned tablecloth, arrange cookies and fruits and make a large glass of cold frappe. Fill the freezer with ice tins and always be ready to surprise your guests with refreshing drinks. $5 deposit casino

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