What vitamins and minerals do I need during pregnancy

What vitamins and minerals do I need during pregnancy

If you’re like me, swallowing either a tiny tablet, a regular-size tablet, a caplet, a capsule, or a softgel is NO fun at all! That’s right– any kind of oral medication is such a tough thing for me to regularly take. I swallow 8 supplements of meds every day– 4 tiny tablets of Folic acid, 4 vitamin supplements for the heart, 1 for hypertension, and this Prenatal Vitamin with DHA. And NO, I am not having fun at all! However, I have to take them regularly everyday, for my own and my baby’s sake. So NO complaints, whatsoever!

I am 9 weeks along this week. Morning sickness-wise, I have it, but it’s way manageable compared to what I’ve experienced with my first pregnancy. It’s just my taste buds that have been affected– I always have a bitter tasting appetite which is so hard to please, but green mangoes, papaya pickles, dried fish, fried fish and soups are such a comfort! Also, I don’t like smelling the foods that I cooked myself so I am lying low from the kitchen. If I cook something, I don’t get to eat them. It’s just for the husband and the daughter. What I like are the foods that I DON’T cook, so I always look forward to every Saturday Sabbath, because there are plenteous foods on the table at the potluck dinner and I am free to take out anything that I like. And yes, I am always asked to get my foods first. Talk about being pampered when pregnant– I am loving every moment of it!

Meanwhile, Ate Triz’s excitement keeps getting more intense each day. My next prenatal checkup is when I reach 12 weeks and by then, we will get to hear the baby’s heartbeat plus I’ll undergo a few lab tests. We three are looking forward to that because we are equally thrilled to be listening to our baby’s sound in my tummy. When the husband and I were so happy before with Triz, now, the happiness is equaled to three times since Triz is around. She has been such a good big sister so far, and is always so proud. Every time she calls her Lolo, Lola, Aunties, Uncles, and cousins, she always tells them not to forget to welcome the arrival of her baby sibling, even though it’s still 7 months away!

Everything is going well so far for me; thank God for that. I am just fighting the slackness that I am feeling because I’d rather sleep for hours and not mind doing things even during the day. I need to be exercising regularly which I hope to do so once the first trimester is over. For now, I’ll savor the remaining days of my first trimester, because although it is difficult when heartburn and morning sickness attack, it always makes me feel normal and very pregnant, which is the most important.

Starting next week, I shall try to document the growth of my baby and blog more on this pregnancy. The reason? Ate Triz. She said she wants me to pen things down because she wants to read them in detail in the future. I sure have a responsible big sister right here!

By Mariya Cheripko 18 Jul 2019

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