Pillow for pregnant women: luxury or necessity?

Pillow for pregnant women: luxury or necessity?

Pregnancy women - an important, responsible period of life. These 9 months old girls especially need care from their men. Not only husbands are able to help expectant mothers before childbirth. This can make a pillow for pregnant women, bought in a specialized orthopedic store. Healthy sleep is an excellent cure for many ailments. If a person sleeps well, he feels vigorous the next morning. Pregnant women need proper sleep. The body becomes more noticeable to get tired, to walk harder, to lie on its side uncomfortable. Advice to the male half - if your wife is 3-4 months pregnant, reason to think about buying pillows for pregnant women.

Often, men say that buying a special device for sleeping is an improper luxury, a whim, which is easy to do without. Going into an orthopedic shop, seeing the cost of such a product, the male half usually does not agree with the purchase. Here's a tip for men: attach three-and-a-half-liter bottles of water to your belly with a belt, lay down to sleep on your side. When you turn around for about an hour of trying to sleep, you get tired of this thing, then you realize that a pillow for pregnant women is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The only opportunity to rest is left to sleep on its side. A sleeping pad for a pregnant woman will help ensure the correct fixation of the tummy in a dream.

Types of bedding of the expectant mother

Like any product, sleeping pads for pregnant women are sold in various designs. They differ in:

  • size;
  • form;
  • type of top material;
  • internal filler;
  • design;
  • coloring.

To choose a product for sound sleep is necessary according to three main criteria. This is the size, shape, internal composition of the sleeping accessory. Having defined these criteria, you can select by color, type of fabric, design.

The main difference of orthopedic pads is the shape. Different women are suitable for each woman. It:

  • U-shaped;
  • bagel;
  • G-shaped;
  • C-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • straight (I-shaped).

  • Each type is suitable for women of different body structure, especially which will prompt the right choice.

    If in doubt, how to choose the best pregnancy pillow, consult a gynecologist. The doctor will tell you what to look for when buying.

    How does a pillow help a woman?

    Noticeably rounded tummy adds to its owner almost 10 pounds of weight. It affects lifestyle. It will become much more difficult to walk, doing everyday household chores is a lot of trouble. It seems that the only salvation from physical, psychological overload is a healthy, sound sleep. But in the position to fall asleep is the problem. To solve it, gynecologists together with orthopedists came up with such a wonderful device - a pillow for pregnant women.

    During sleep, the body is usually on its side. This is the most comfortable position. Moreover, doctors recommend women to sleep on their side. The best blood supply of the child is guaranteed. The fact is that when a mother is lying on her back, the child inside her with her weight pinches important vessels. This situation affects the blood supply to the fetus, which leads to hypoxia, an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. As for rest on the stomach, it is better for a girl to forget before giving birth.


  • polystyrene foam;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • comfort;
  • artificial swan (goose) down;
  • holofayber;
  • tinsuleyt.

  • The above materials for internal filling, can be used for any types of bedding for women in the position. It all depends on the manufacturer of the product.


    No. 1 in the world Hollofiber filler is a high-quality non-woven material consisting of crimped hollow fibers that are joined by high temperatures. Holofiber is a micro spring , twisted in "balls" strongly intertwined. They provide dimensional stability , softness and elasticity without the use of adhesive joints. This property allows the fiber, unlike other materials: as a synthetic winterizer, batting, etc., to quickly regain its shape after crushing, to have a high resistance to abrasion, multiple folds and washes.

    This material will be especially useful for allergy sufferers, since it completely eliminates the occurrence of any allergenic reactions. Pillows made hollofaybera different and improved environmental friendliness and hygienic - it hollofayber is not a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi, as many natural materials, it will not start mites and other unwanted organisms.

    Hollofiber , unlike traditional materials, such as natural down, comfort , sintepon, wool, silk or buckwheat, can not only instantly restore its shape after deformation, but also preserve it for a long time . Hologofiber- based pillows have a long service life, not retain odors, this material also does not sustain combustion. Unlike sintepukha , products made of “balls” do not clot longer, are easily whipped and retain their original shape for a long time. Provides free ventilation with high-quality heat retention.

    Maternity pillows with holofiber filling are very practical - even with a large size, these pillows are perfectly washed and dry quickly (moisture just does not absorb into the fibers!).


    Polystyrene balls - filler, which also meets the requirements of our customers.

    Expanded polystyrene is universal, it is used in many branches of human activity, in the manufacture of toys, chairs and even disposable tableware. The main advantages of this material: environmental safety, immunity to moisture, various microorganisms, high corrosion resistance, low weight and environmental friendliness. The disadvantage is only dry cleaning and a small rustling sound in the pillow from the balls, which people are especially sensitive in silence under the weight of their body. In the washing machine you can only wash a removable pillow case from a pillow with polystyrene. Therefore, it is immediately recommended to buy several covers on pillows with polystyrene balls.

    POLYSTYRENE or polystyrene beads are foamed polymer in the form of beads, obtained from granules by heating under special conditions. The cushion for pregnant women is filled with polystyrene balls by about 80%, but thanks to this it can be adjusted to suit you — by moving the balls inside the cushion, you can adjust the height. Polystyrene foam granules, which are used to fill our pillows, are environmentally friendly, produced from reliable suppliers of the filler, harmless to humans and have all the necessary certificates. The size of the balls in our pillows is up to 2 mm in diameter. This is the best option to maintain the shape of the pillow.

    Polystyrene balls in large cushions with normal loads - resistant to impact, semi-rigid material. Polystyrene balls with a body pressure on the surface of the pillow are evenly distributed in the cover, fit well to the body and gently support the body in the correct position.

    + The advantages can be attributed to the fact that polystyrene foam does not accumulate the temperature of the human body, but always remains neutral at room temperature. The material polystyrene also does not absorb moisture, which allows you to safely take such pillows on nature.

    - From the minuses of this filler, it is possible to note its slight rustling, which is visible only in complete silence and also the subtle smell of plastic and the impossibility of washing such a filler in a washing machine.

    Polystyrene as a filler is used most often in large pillows for pregnant women, mainly for relaxing under the back and the cervical spine.

    Expanded polystyrene balls or granules of polystyrene ( expanded polystyrene ) for 98% consists of air enclosed in billions of microscopic thin-walled cells from expanded polystyrene. Products from expanded polystyrene (polystyrene foam) are biologically safe and are used for food packaging.

    Expanded polystyrene is resistant to moisture, resistant to aging, is not exposed to microorganisms, is not a breeding ground for mold fungi and bacteria.

    Important. After purchasing the product, you should try it at home. If you are not satisfied with something, consult with a specialist or exchange products.

    A pillow should help to increase comfort in sleep, relieve fatigue.

    Product Features

    “Maternal” pillow helps to relax the spine and muscles, allows you to relax comfortably on the back and sides, supports the stomach and lower back, it is placed under the legs and neck. It is useful if you decide to rest sitting or feed a newborn, it can be used as a traditional product for sleeping. How to choose a pillow for pregnant women in the form, advise the doctor or store manager, but you can be guided by their own considerations. It is made in the form of:

    • “U” letters - looks like an elongated horseshoe, girdles the body like a cocoon, evenly supports the back and neck, does not allow to roll over on the stomach while sleeping, easily turns into a cozy nest for the baby, ideal for Mommy's rest and feeding the child. Perfectly fits on an ordinary double bed. The main advantage is that it does not need to be dragged along if you roll from side to side;
    • boomerang (bagel) . It is suitable for both the rest of the future mother during pregnancy and for feeding the baby.

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