When choosing a place for hunting, you should know the habits of fish, their habitats, as well as the depths at which you can meet certain representatives of water bodies and rivers. An important step in preparing for spearfishing is the choice of equipment. A long gun is more suitable for open areas, because it is not very convenient to handle it in the grass. Now they mainly use pneumatic guns, but there are amateurs who use a gun with an elastic band (they work on the principle of a slingshot).

You must have in your arsenal a suit for scuba diving. He will save from the cold, even in the cold season. The presence of scuba gear is not necessary, the majority of hunters dives with a regular snorkel in the same breath. Spear fishing is relevant all year round. True, in winter without special training and skills it is better not to dive. And in the warm season at shallow depths, anyone can try to shoot fish. This is a very interesting and very exciting activity. Thanks to which the hunter keeps fit. You can dive for fish at night using an underwater flashlight. When you point the flashlight at the fish, you will see that it stands still and it seems that it is sleeping deeply - this allows you to get as close to it as possible and produce an accurate shot.

When immersed in water, you see different fish: small, medium, large, noble and not very. Therefore, you decide which one you want to shoot. More experienced hunters dive to great depths, under the reeds, under various snags - this makes it difficult to move and accuracy when shooting. But this is the whole thing. Moreover, in such places very large specimens of fish, such as carp, catfish, pike perch, often hide. If you fail to get into large fish, you have to fight it quite seriously. For comparison, if you shoot a catfish weighing 20-30 kg, if the shot is unsuccessful, the catfish resists and is quite difficult to pull to the surface, and if all this happens in the thick reeds, then the hunter does not always manage to cope. And if the weight of the fish is more than 50 kg, it remains only to guess how such a confrontation will end. Very often, hunters got rid of the harpoon and released large specimens due to the inability to cope with large fish.

There were cases when they threw a gun. This is of course a rarity, but this happens. Spearfishing competitions also exist, they are no less interesting than sport fishing. Here you need to be able to navigate under water, to be in good physical shape, to know where which fish can hide. Today this type of hunting is very popular both abroad and in the CIS countries. The presence of many accessories in stores has made spearfishing more affordable. Empire Market is great and most notorious Deep Web Marketplace there is right now. Being this big has it's consequences continuous Ddos attacks witch leads prime Empire Market link to be down, and alternative links too. That lead to empire marketplace have to design a lot of URLs and tor mirror and mirror. And the thing is that there is not too much ways costumers can get a fresh Empire Market URLs mirrors.

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