The main activity of our company "NAME" is the provision of professional services for archiving documents, destruction of accounting documents.

There are a number of documents of long-term storage, documents on personnel containing important information and many others that must be stored in an appropriate form for a long time or transferred to the State Archive for storage.

This becomes a real problem not only for those enterprises that are characterized by a large workflow, but also for small companies. Indeed, the prosperity and successful professional activities of any company depend on how well and efficiently the documentation is stored.

Archival binding of documents is carried out by our qualified employees in accordance with the standards of the State Archive of the Russian Federation, and also includes work on numbering sheets, setting up the necessary stamps and ciphers, and competent design of covers.

 A complete inventory is issued for all bookbindings performed.

This service allows you to optimize the work process of any enterprise or company, since the archival binding of any important documents (including accounting) makes it possible to quickly access the necessary information, ensuring the convenience of reading or copying it, since there is no need to remove the document from the binding. It is also worth noting that such a method of archiving documents as bookbinding can significantly reduce the area required for their storage. So, according to statistics, archival binding of documents takes 1.5 times less space compared to the usual way of storing documents, and this in turn saves up to 20% of office space.

We also provide magazine binding and newspaper binding. High-quality binding of magazines allows you to get quick access to the necessary material, this method of storage is durable and easy to use. Magazines after binding process take up half the space, and since the binding opens completely, information from the magazines is easy to read or copy. Magazines that have gone through bookbinding are kept in their proper form for a long time. Thanks to a thorough description of the binding, the necessary information in it can be found without problems.

As a rule, binding of magazines and binding of newspapers is done using hardcover, that is, with a hard cardboard cover. The cover is made using embossing in a typeface or a custom cliche. This type of binding is also suitable for archiving negotiable documentation (accounting).

The specialists who work in our company have many years of experience and all the necessary knowledge and technical devices necessary to carry out all binding work at a guaranteed high level. best online slots canada

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