Simultaneity, uncertainty and complementarity in geology. Part two

Simultaneity, uncertainty and complementarity in geology. Part two

Other limits are closer to the geologist - minimum speeds, maximum intervals and masses, intermediate between the objects of atomic physics (elementary particles) and astronomy (quasars, etc.). The problem of the smallest "amount of space - time" has long been studied. When it was possible to calculate the radius of an electron, it was tempting to take it for the shortest length, and its relation to the speed of light (the “transit time” of this distance) for the minimum time interval. However, later everything became complicated. Elementary particles have demonstrated their dissimilarity on tiny balls.

Probabilities appeared where quite definite quantities were assumed. Geological uncertainty is of a different kind. It is meaningless to raise the question of the "absolute minimum of time". The second, for example, is elusive in geological history, what to speak of its shares. In geology, the relativity of those standards that we use for the knowledge of nature and which we voluntarily or involuntarily begin to recognize as absolute, “the very-very-most”, eternal and unchanging bricks of the universe, is quite clearly visible. In general, when applied to geological reality, mathematical abstractions look too schematic, devoid of that unpredictable complexity and imperfection, individuality and ability to unfold in a new entity, surprising endlessly, which the world around and penetrates us in abundance. Arguing, for example, about the exponent, we mean a certain curve, the behavior of which is confidently predicted if its formula is known. Like a spell that gives absolute power over the line. In geology, one has to give up claims for such absolute knowledge. And it's not only that geological objects are extremely complex. Affect also features of geological time intervals. Perhaps, for geological processes it would be necessary to apply some kind of mathematics. Here, say, there is a mathematical concept of the infinitely small, arbitrarily close to zero. And in geology you have to deal with "relatively infinitely small."

And if for physicists the duration of a minute or even a second (in the microworld) is huge, then a geologist neglects such negligibly small measures for him without long doubts. The concept of "smallness" loses absoluteness. It depends on the scale of the phenomenon. Actually, there are many frive platforms, bun not all of them would give player all different option together.

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