On some issues of dog breeding

On some issues of dog breeding

Kalinin Society of Hunters is doing a great job in dog breeding. All breed livestock registered. Inter-district and city broods are conducted. They took place in Bezhetsk, Kimry, Vyshny-Volochek, Rzhev, Bologoe and Konakovo. As a rule, almost all hunting dogs participate in them. For example, in the brood of 1957, 87 dogs were represented in Kimry. In addition, regional exhibitions are organized annually in Kalinin. 342 dogs belonging to the region's hunters have marks for breed and exterior.

In breeding work, special attention should be paid to improving the hunting qualities of dogs. Given this, the company conducted 13 field tests of huskies, hounds, and copies. And for the first time in our field, spaniels took part in tests. During the year 107 dogs were tested. The work done has allowed identifying excellent and good dogs not only on the exterior, but also on the field qualities. 57 dogs of different breeds were awarded diplomas for field work.

Activities carried out on the breed of dog breeding are widely popularized. Field tests of the cops were filmed by Lenfilm Studio. Filming was shown in the film magazine "Our Land". The regional exhibition of hunting dogs was also shown in one of the numbers of the newsreel.

For each breed, there are independent sections, their activity is directed by the Council of hunting dog breeding, which consists of 10 experts and judges.

However, in the management of tribal work, we encountered difficulties that, it seems to us, also exist in societies in other areas.

A letter was published by Kuibyshev's dog breeder I. Petrov. It was reported that mating black and burned setters "goes in a closed circle." Seeing no other way out to get information about non-resident producers, which could be used to refresh the blood of local dogs, I. Petrov addressed through a magazine to all black lovers with burned setters to respond to his proposal. But not only the dogs of Kuybyshev dog breeders are in the same position of the "vicious circle", but also dogs in other cities, including our region.

In recent years, mottled setters have spread widely among the hunters of Kalinin, for example, but almost all of them originate from some ancestors - Trek VRKOS 340-a and Lady VRKOS 306. Further maintenance of this line, which has very good field qualities and good exterior, also It turned out now at an impasse. At Moscow exhibitions in recent years, the pointers and setters with black and burned eyes presented a disappointing picture.

All this suggests that the successful management of the breed is impossible within a single city or even region. This Glavokhote RSFSR should think seriously and provide effective assistance to societies and amateur dog breeders in the further improvement of the breeds of hunting dogs.

Hunter-breeders also need systematic information about dogs that are included in the classroom and, consequently, in the breeding fund. Such a source should be republican tribal books, but they are not kept in the RSFSR or in other republics - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Amateur breeders are deprived of the opportunity to use the materials of the All-Union Stud Book, which is also not maintained by the Department for Reserves and Hunting Industry of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture.

Meanwhile, in many cities and regions, a great deal of work has been done on a comprehensive assessment of dogs of hunting breeds. But these materials, the richest for breeding work, are not generalized and are not known to wide circles of dog breeders. For the benefit of the case, the assessment materials should be published as a reference book for each breed, including only class dogs of the two older age groups, since they have the greatest value for breeding. It is also desirable this year already to hold republican exhibitions, presenting to them the dogs of the upper classes - the elite and the first class. Exhibitions on the scale of the republics will give the most complete picture of the state of each breed and will allow to draw the right conclusions about their further improvement. Icelui orient indéniable que cette occupée en même temps que médicaments officiels pareillement ce Kamagra gel ou bien ceci Cialis peut entraîner réels effets indésirables, cependant celui existe continuellement confirmés lecture sur ceci lequel peut converser ces effets puis sur celui-ci dont peut être fait pour les éviter.

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