Coconut oil: a good “treat” for the body

Coconut oil: a good “treat” for the body

Recently, where just can not hear about coconut oil. Its use is not limited to one type: it is used to soften the skin, an excellent hair mask that is good for health will come out of it.
What is coconut oil?
This oil is obtained using the cold pressed method of dried coconut pulp. Consists of 95% of fatty acids. It refers to comedogenic oils (comedogenicity coefficient 4).
What does it look like? A transparent, slightly yellow liquid in a liquid state and a white mass in a hardened. It melts quickly enough in the hands. It has a light coconut flavor, but some manufacturers add flavorings. Here it’s like an amateur.
What is included? Lauric, myristic, palmitic, caprylic, oleic, linoleic, caproic, capric, stearic, arachidonic acid.

Where is coconut oil used?
The range of uses of coconut oil is wide enough. It is used on skin, hair, for food, for massage and for sexual caresses.
How to apply on the skin? Since coconut oil belongs to comedogenic oils, this means that the oil is quite dense, forms a film, has protective properties and “alas and ah!” Clogs the pores. It is recommended to use this oil for the skin of the body. Especially for its dry areas.
Method of use: apply oil to cleansed, moist skin (the amount is regulated based on the requirements of the skin; if dry, do not regret it), distribute it over the body with massage movements.
What about hair? The oil has protective properties, so it is recommended to apply it on the ends of the hair 30 minutes before going to the scorching sun (or severe frost). It forms a film, the hair will become less brittle and will cut less.
Hair mask: apply oil over the entire length of the hair in a sufficient amount (so that the hair is completely in oil), while departing from the roots by 3-5 cm, because the oil is able to clog pores. To withstand such a mask on the head for 30 -40 minutes. Then rinse your hair with warm water with shampoo 2-3 times, dry. Repeat this mask once a week. A month later, the result will be visible - the hair will become shiny, new ones will appear, there will be less split ends and in general, they will look much more well-groomed.
Is it possible to eat coconut oil? Of course yes! It contains lauric acid, and it accelerates the metabolic processes in the body. So coconut oil is definitely good for the body.
Such oil can be eaten in various ways:
1. Add to salads as a dressing, instead of sunflower / olive.
2. For frying.
3. Add to coffee, tea, smoothies. The aroma of such a drink becomes simply divine. You need to add quite a bit, a couple of drops.
4. You can make peanut butter. To do this, beat the nuts with coconut oil in a blender.
5. Apply 1 teaspoon inward once a day before meals, with a glass of water.
Where can I buy? Coconut oil used to be hard to find in a regular supermarket. Now in almost every store there is a huge selection of different oils, both with vitamins and with different flavors. For every taste and color, as they say. It remains only to choose the right one! $10 deposit casino

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