Daily use for atopic skin cream

Daily use for atopic skin cream

Atopic skin is the most delicate and most sensitive skin type, prone to irritation. Atopy is characterized by disturbances in the production of lipids, which are part of the protective layer of the epidermis. As a result, the skin is not sufficiently protected, dehydrated and prone to irritation. Check out what you need to know about atopic skin and its care!

Atopic skin

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic and recurrent inflammatory dermatosis that most often begins in early childhood - between the ages of 1 and 2 months, but also occurs after 40 years. The most characteristic symptom of atopy is very itchy, very dry skin. There may also be purulent lesions and red spots, especially on the knees and elbows. Each scratch leaves clear marks on the skin.

Treatment for AD is primarily based on symptom relief, which means proper care is needed. Atopic skin requires more frequent moisturizing and nourishment than other skin types, as well as the replacement of long showering, the selection of clothes from delicate fabrics and the use of special detergents for ultra-delicate skin. To cleanse it, use cosmetics that do not cause irritation and do not dry the skin. This is why you should rely on Syndromes (synthetic detergents) instead of traditional soaps.

Care - which cream to choose for atopic skin?

Atopic skin care should primarily be based on a cream that protects against moisture loss and soothes irritations. It is these functions that the cream should perform. Properly selected, it helps prevent subsequent atopic changes and soothes existing ones. Avoid dyes, flavors, or preservatives in atopic skin cosmetics. It is worth focusing on emollients, i.e. on components that restore the water-fat protective layer of the skin. Vegetable oils are an example, among which the most commonly used in atopic skin creams are borage oil, hemp oil, and shea butter. In addition, the skin is positively affected by: urea, glycerin, allantoin with moisturizing properties, as well as antipruritic components: L-fructose, pumpkin seed extract and licorice root extract.

Creams for atopic skin are used in daily care, both for the face and body. Due to how demanding atopic skin is, moisturize and nourish it several times a day. Meet and interact with hundreds of gorgeous porn models and sexy web cam girls in live chat rooms 100% free. You will instantly be shown free sex cams are real users just like you who just love to put on a show. Unlike other live cam sites such as my free cams, we are genuinely 100% free and have a large variety of couples online at any given time, ensuring you will find exactly who you want.

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