10 Great Cleaning Tips For Home

10 Great Cleaning Tips For Home

A perfectly-formed home cleaning kit is the key to successful cleaning.

The ideal cleaning kit is practical, organised, easily transportable and contains a range of essential products and tools to guarantee great cleaning results.

A perfect cleaning kit will help you get great results and save you time and frustration during both big jobs and small. You'll always have everything you need on hand, will notice when products run low, and will also be able to keep all your supplies neat and organised.

Best of all? Building a perfect cleaning kit is surprisingly cheap (and easy!) Today, we're sharing our perfect cleaning kit formula, so you can build your own at home. Equip yourself with professional cleaning kit now and start cleaning better and faster today!

Essential products for your home cleaning kit

Having a variety of products to hand will make cleaning the house a breeze. No more time wasted making trips searching for products, or using the wrong product only to find it ineffective - with a selection of products, you'll be equipped to tackle anything your dirty house throws at you.

1. All-purpose cleaner
If you have just one product in your home cleaning kit, make it an all-purpose cleaner

The main benefit of an all-purpose cleaner is that it offers great results across multiple surfaces - it's in the name! This makes it an invaluable product to have on hand when cleaning fro room-to-room.
They're great on things like kitchen and bathroom countertops. We prefer a spray version for ease, but you can also choose to use a diluted concentrated solution.

2. Glass & mirror cleaner.
Glass and mirrors are easy to clean, providing you have the right product to hand.

A good glass and mirror cleaner will remove grime and marks without leaving smears or stickiness.

At Expert Home Tips we like to make our own by mixing 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup white vinegar, water, and a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle.

3. Every household cleaning kit needs a disinfectant
Bathrooms, we're looking at you.

For truly germ-filled areas, nothing's going to do as good a job as disinfectants, which are purpose-made to kill germs and bacteria, preventing illness and sickness amongst your family.

Always have a disinfectant in your home cleaning kit for tackling kitchen surfaces you've cut meat on in the kitchen or wiping around the toilet seat.

Our favourite disinfectant is Zoflora because it comes in a variety of beautiful fragrances.

4. Furniture polish
Most modern-day cleaning kits don't include furniture polish, but we're never without one.

Not only do furniture polishes smell lovely, but they really do bring up wooden furniture, unlike any other product.

They'll reduce water-marks and add a gleam and shine to even the dullest of wood.

5. Don't forget a limescale remover!
Don't spend hours on end scrubbing at limescale when a product can do it for you.

Modern limescale removers are extremely effective, and a must-have in any home cleaning kit. Spray onto shower screens, around taps and draining boards, leave for a few minutes, and it's amazing what a good job they'll do.

There are many great limescale removers on the market, but here at Expert Home Tips, we often prefer using the humble lemon.

Cut one in half and rub onto limescaled areas. Leave the juice to do its thing for 30 minutes, before wiping clean.

This really is an amazing natural solution.

6. Washing up liquid
We can't express the importance of washing up liquid enough.

You've seen what washing up liquid can do for greasy pots and pans - it's just as powerful in the bathroom too.

The only downside to washing up liquid? The suds.

Which is why our favourite use of fairy liquid is for scrubbing the bathroom sink and shower.

Teamed with the rough side of a sponge, washing up liquid is all you need to remove dirt and grime around the sink, on shower tiles and more. Just wash it away once you've scrubbed surfaces smooth.

7. Bleach
Another product no cleaning kit should be without is bleach (or hydrogen peroxide).

Due to its highly abrasive nature, we don't recommend using bleach every day, however, it is extremely useful for some common cleaning tasks.

One of these is cleaning the grout between tiles. The results really are amazing, and a testament to why bleach is an essential product to have on hand.

8. Surgical spirit
Hello, sticky substances!

Although rare, things such as label glue, grease and gum are extremely hard to remove.

What you need is surgical spirit.

Just a tiny amount of this inexpensive product will remove all manner of sticky things quickly and easily, without spreading the mess.

In houses with little children, it's even more essential to have, as surgical spirit works wonders for removing crayon marks too.

Home cleaning kit - essential tools
One tool certainly does not fit all.

This you'll know, have you ever tried to clean an entire shower screen with a toothbrush, or dust a table with a sponge.

Here's what we recommend having in your household cleaning kit to be prepared for anything.

9. A toothbrush is a cleaning kit essential!
An old toothbrush (or even several) is absolutely essential in every household cleaning kit.

Toothbrushes are unrivalled, not only for the obvious tasks like scrubbing sink taps, but they're also great for getting into drinks holders in cars, grout and much more.

Next time you're throwing your old one out, pop it into your cleaning kit instead. It will definitely come in handy.

10. Cleaning cloths
We recommend having a few generic cleaning cloths in your kit, as you never know when they might come in handy.

They're ideal for using alongside multi-purpose cleaners or disinfectants for wiping down bathroom cabinets, kitchen tops, the outside of your bathtub and more.

Just be sure to clean them periodically, otherwise they'll spread germs and dirt, hampering your cleaning efforts.

Learn how to chose the best cleaning products for your home and find recommendations for cleaning products, complete with pros and cons for each item.

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