Wonders of the purple bracelet. Part two

Wonders of the purple bracelet. Part two

Asking how to take into account the number of those who carried this bracelet for twenty-one days, one can easily come to thoughts about the commercial course of this Will Bowen. The point is this: every person who comes up with something related to other people has the idea of ​​monetizing his idea. And if someone took into account the number of purchased purple bracelets, then it becomes clear from where Will Bowen fans know about those same six million people. From this we can conclude that the meaning is not in wearing purple bracelets, but in making money by the people who sell these purple bracelets.

Also, lovers of purple bracelets can begin to say that their wearing will make a person stop complaining about others and himself. However, wearing a purple bracelet is not a way out of this situation. It would be much more reasonable to decide the cause of his complaints, and not to hope that some sort of bracelet would make a man out of the man in the middle of a superman.

And still unclear, a situation arises related to the number of days to wear a purple miracle bracelet. Will Bowen for some reason decided to choose the number "21". What is wrong is that ordinary people consider this number to be somehow magical, saying “You need to wear such a bracelet for 21 days just to make it work”. In fact, there is no truth here, because you can wear a bracelet for at least five days, at least for the rest of your life, depending on how many people will sympathize with the next “Will Bowen”.

A rather remarkable fact is that in what vein Will Companions follow those very complaints and gossip, which are understood by the creator of the purple bracelet as something negative. Suppose some people like to gossip. It is important that they do it with enthusiasm, and therefore enjoy their gossip. And therefore, if someone decides to force himself to stop gossiping in favor of a certain bracelet, this will be a wrong move, as the person will exclude from his life what he likes. The same situation with complaints: if a person likes to complain, it is not entirely reasonable that he decides to deprive himself of this.

Another factor in Will Bowen's purple bracelet is dressing up on the other hand in the event of an oversight in the form of complaints and gossip. It should be borne in mind that people do not have such care, with which they will not forget to change the arm for a bracelet. And what if some person forgets to change hands for a purple bracelet? In this case, such a person no longer wants to change the bracelet to the other hand. He might think so: "Why should I change the bracelet, if I still forget that I decided to complain or gossip to someone?". hire software developer

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