BloodRayne 2. Continued

BloodRayne 2. Continued

You don't want to give your good, and you still need to “feed” the pistols, which means that someone else should lose their blood. You can drink the trunks, plunging them into the body of the first reptile. The girl herself is also not averse to using her fangs. The fact is that BloodRayne 2 (as in the first part) does not have first-aid kits as a class. Vital forces are restored only when sucking blood from enemies.

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Although it is easy to defeat each enemy individually, at times there are too many of them. But let the quantitative advantage on the side of the enemy, the quality is certainly beyond the Rhine. None of the ghouls would guess the heroine chopped off full legs or just cut the torso in half. And if it is guessed, it will never do that. Our lady is another conversation. It can take almost any part of the body. Even one leg, as practice shows, is easy to cut into at least a couple of parts.

These are the courses of the young butcher, but if you even take into account the beauty of the mentor ... A beautiful and strong girl cuts the villains right and left, a sea of ​​violence and outright heroine outfits - what else do players need? Ladies, yet you stand all the madness that they do for you. No matter how bloodthirsty you really are.

It is not always clear where so many vampires jump out of. After killing about a dozen ghouls and completely clearing the area, in half a minute you can find several more blood-sicking creatures. Apparently, they fly in the form of bats and are changing their appearance to a human right on the spot.

For more productive destruction of any evil spirits Rhine is equipped with several abilities. The first is the “rage” that increases the strength of the girl many times. Unfortunately, in order to use it, it is necessary to save up this very rage by waving knives and legs normally. What follows is a “time dilation”, not needing in the comments, and the latter mode is called “aura vision”. With it, you can distinguish between the wall ghouls, as well as special vampire teleports. It is through them that the Rhine moves from one level of the game to another.

At each level, the semi-vampirus has to go in for acrobatics or harpoon fishing. In the first type of assignments she will have to climb through the pipes, pull up on the pole-horizontal bars and, of course, jump between them. The harpoon will have to transfer various items. Dragged, for example, all the boxes and you can go further.

For pistol shooting, you don't need lead or powder, just a couple liters of blood..

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