All About Erectile Dysfunction

All About Erectile Dysfunction

All About Erectile Dysfunction
Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Nowadays, the most effective Erectile Dysfunction treatments are oral drugs, called PDE5 inhibitors. There are three PDE-5 drugs on the market, approved for the treatment of erectile problems, namely Viagra (sildenafil citrate), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil). According to the clinical data, these drugs are at average effective in 88% male patients.

But in some cases, oral ED drugs might not be effective. Other ways of treating Erectile Dysfunction are injection drugs, such as Prostaglandin and Phentolamine, vacuum pumps, urethral suppositories, etc. (tadalafil)
buy Cialis Tadalafil PDE5 Inhibitor onlineCialis (tadalafil) is a prescription drug used for the treatment of Impotence (ED). Cialis was approved in 2003 by the US FDA. It is sold in form of yellow, almond-shaped, film-coated tablets. The doses are 10 mg or 20 mg.

It only works with sexual stimulation and operates by blocking PDE-5 enzymes in an organism, easing the blood flow to penis. Cialis is taken orally, as needed, either with or without meal, no more than once a day.

Sometimes Cialis is prescribed in a lower dose (2.5mg or 5mg) for taking regularly, on an everyday basis. This formulation of tadalafil is called Cialis for Daily Use.

Cialis starts working in 30-60 minutes after you take it, thus it should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity in order to be effective. One special precaution when taking Cialis is consumption of grape juice or drugs containing nitrates. Do not drink grape juice or take nitrates in combination with Cialis (or any other PDE-5 inhibitor), as it can affect the amount of some medicine in bloodstream and cause hypotension. Tadalafil effects last up to 36 hours.

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