Joining the Volunteer Doula Program

Thank you for your interest in supporting women in need! We are one of only a handful of volunteer doula programs in the Bay Area, and the only non-hospital-based program in existence here. For many years now, the BirthWays Doula Program has been one of the most effective and straightforward ways for new doulas to complete their doula certification and gain immediate experience with all aspects of birth doula work. The program is also a great way for new doulas to connect and network with other new doulas and receive mentorship from more experienced doulas.  Because we are less formalized than a hospital-based program, it is vital that our volunteers are clear on their ability to commit to the program once they sign up.  You ARE the program, so please make sure you can follow through!


  • Have completed an initial doula training workshop
  • Complete a Volunteer Doula Application
  • Commit to serving at least 3 women in 6 months
  • Commit to providing the services to your client as listed above
  • Commit to follow the Doula Scope of Practice
  • Attend 3 volunteer meetings in 6 months
  • Stay in good communication with the Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator

How It Works :

  1. Complete and submit the Volunteer Doula Application form HERE.
  2. Attend a Volunteer Meeting, or if one is not coming up soon, arrange a time to “meet” with the Program Coordinator by phone.
  3. You will receive an invite to the Program’s Yahoo group, which is how we all communicate with each other.
  4. You will receive a second invite to the Google Doc, Doula-Client Sign-up Sheet, which is how you will review and sign up to work with clients.

Once again, this is a fabulous way for you to gain direct experience as a doula (and quickly if you so desire), give back to the community, empower a family in an integral way, and work with families who would not otherwise be able to have the benefit of doula care.

Thank you for your support! We love that BirthWays can provide this service to the community!

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