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: CA, Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Peninsula
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I am passionate about supporting others along their birthing journeys. Whether you are seeking a Birth Doula &/or complementary support, there are a variety of ways I may be of service:

*Birth Doula: I offer a grounding, non-judgmental, birth-positive presence to help my clients feel safe, respected, informed, & empowered. I trust in the birthing process & my clients’ intuition & discernment about what is right for them. I infuse my Birth Doula practice with an integrative approach, bringing in my passion, knowledge, & experience in other wellness practices, such as bodywork & self-care. (I also offer Postpartum Doula services to my Birth Clients who are seeking continuity of care after giving birth.);
*Prenatal Balance (for pregnancy comfort & preparation for birth): I offer instruction & assistance with practices to address stress, injury, &/or other factors which may be contributing to distress, discomfort, pain, &/or concerns for fetal positioning; &
*Birth Recovery Care (for the Birth Giver after birth) (aka “Mother Roasting”), in which I provide services to support physical, emotional, &/or energetic recovery & well-being.

WELL-BEING (for extra support for the Birth Giver &/or Partner during &/or beyond the perinatal period, including, but not limited to):
*Breema® Bodywork: Breema® is a gentle, mindfulness-based style of bodywork which works with the individual as a whole to nurture vitality & support harmony & balance of mind, body, & feelings;
*TRE®: TRE® (Tension, Stress, & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a gentle series of exercises which prime the body to release tension, stress, &/or trauma.
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