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: (510) 761-4132
: CA, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
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A doula's role consists of emotionally and physically supporting the birthing person, advocating for their needs, and creating unity among the birthing team. Doula's hold space, offer a variety of comfort measures and visualization techniques to assist the birthing person during labor. They also instruct the partner, if there's one, on ways to be a part of the process too.

As your doula, Kai is committed to using her calm, healing energy to support you as you birth your new beginning. As your life shifts to include a new being. As you become a parent. Kai believes that birthing people are warriors and should be honored, celebrated and graced with love. Birthing people have held and birthed new life into this Universe. She strives to witness your journey as you conquer a great challenge-giving birth to another human being. She supports all births- unmedicated, medicated or cesarean births. It would be a blessing for Kai to be by your side during a most treasured moment.

As a proud Black Queer Mother that did not benefit from having a doula at her births, Kai humbly offers inclusive and compassionate care to all families. Kai define families as young parents, single parents, and partnered parents. She specializes in serving families that are queer, transgender or non-binary birthing people and people of color. If cost is an issue for you, please connect with Kai. There may be other payment options or resources that she can refer you to.
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