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: 510-843-5000
: California, Berkeley
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The Ashby Center of Complementary Medicine is located in Berkeley, CA, and was established in 1993. The director of the center is Dr. Marti Lee Kennedy, a practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine for over 40 years.

Our center specializes in women’s health care with a focus on fertility and pregnancy issues. We also provide post-partum care and treatment for general health issues. At the Ashby Center of Complementary Medicine, we are committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment for our clients, and an integrated approach to healing.

"Acupuncture is a truly holistic approach to maintaining your health before, during and, after your pregnancy. The beauty of acupuncture treatments is its capability to regulate the body's energy. Along with herbal medicine, the experience of being pregnant can be enhanced as well as prevent problems from arising, as these techniques can balance the Qi that flows naturally through the meridians of a woman's body.

Listening is the key to early detection of any imbalance or disharmony that could be injurious to the mother or her child. My job is to work closely with my pregnant patient and her team of doctors, midwives and doulas to ensure proper and healthy treatment. I always believe that you are your best doctor. I am here to assist you on your path through pregnancy."

-Marti Lee Kennedy L. Ac
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