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It Takes a Village

By: Simona Fino “Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives, no support, we’ve put it in an impossible situation.” Margaret Mead Most everyone acknowledges the importance of a village, yet our American culture places more value on the individual or […]

Envelop Yourself in Love with Daily Oil Massage

By: Lila Ann Frechette Loving our bodies can help us love our lives. We can support this love with a daily practice that is as much an exercise in cultivating compassion, as it is of nurturing physical and physiological wellness. By lightly oiling your body for five to fifteen minutes, you can revitalize your nervous […]

Ease Pregnancy Related Backaches with 9 Simple Tips

By: Dr. Ariel Provasoli As you may know, during pregnancy many women experience discomfort from all the changes their bodies are going through. It’s not unusual to hear soon-to-be moms sharing about back pain as the baby grows into new places and their center of gravity shifts. These drastic changes can cause an imbalance in […]

The Dance of Labor

by Gingi Allen What if you could just smile and dance your baby out, even through the most difficult parts of labor? How powerful would it be to focus on the tools you inherently possess as a birthing mother to move your baby out, instead of relying on drugs or outside interventions? How can pregnant mothers be […]

First Positions

By Gillian Gillette Before both my children were born, I wondered who they were and who they would be. In retrospect, my first physical experiences of them in utero and during birth gave me more of a connection with the individuals soon to come into my life than I could have guessed. Their birth was […]