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Dear friends, supporters, and community members,

BirthWays was founded in 1977 in response to the low-birthweight epidemic of the time. Through classes and outreach BirthWays served pregnant people in preparing for their birth and having healthier pregnancies.  

Over the years, BirthWays has continued to strive to meet the needs of pregnant people and new families. As we assess the needs of our community today, we have decided to focus on matching families with the professional support they need on an individual level. In order to best utilize our resources as an all volunteer organization, the board of directors has decided to stop offering public classes and put our energy into cultivating and expanding our Volunteer Doula Program,  Meet the Doula Nights and referral programs. Given this change, we have also decided to no longer have a physical space in North Berkeley and instead go into the communities we are hoping to serve. 

We believe as the issue of the late seventies was low-birthweight the issue of today is  the discrepancy in care of people of color and the institutionalized racism resulting in a maternal mortality rate for people of color being four times that of white people. 

We ask our community to support us in the transition to provide people with the professional and individualized support they need in pregnancy and early parenting. We are grateful for our community and for the trust local families have put in BirthWays as they prepared to grow their families. We look forward to keeping you updated with our progress and growth. 

In thanks,

BirthWays Board of Directors

New Mom’s Group – Please contact Stacia at staciadoula@gmail.com.